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Kim Cattrall speaks in tongues


by Chris Longridge |
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Kim Cattrall is best remembered as the lady from Sex And The City. (She played "Sex". As you'll no doubt remember Sarah Jessica Parker played "The", Cynthia Nixon was "City" and The Other One was "And"). Kim is also from Liverpool, as she will happily tell you again and again and again.

But from today she may be better known for something else. Something even better than being from Liverpool. Specifically, for singing scat jazz to musical accompaniment. (That's the type of jazz where you make up words to annoy people.)

In this clip from 2011, which recently resurfaced, you can watch Kim making odd noises about he-dogs and she-dogs while her now-ex-husband pootles around on the double bass.

We're not totally sure, but it sounds like she's saying, "Yamma kippy yaybo said a rafer kaybo in da Latin he quoth, u-jay, soffer saRAY!"

If there is anyone out there who can explain what the hell is going on, Kim would probably appreciate your call.



Kim got in touch personally to inform us that the poem she is reciting is, in fact, Rupert Brooke's The Little Dog's Day, and that therefore the words she was saying are "'Jam incipiedo, sedere facebo,' In dog-Latin he quoth, 'Euge! sophos! hurray!'"

We feel bad now for claiming Kim was an improviser of jazz-poetry. That was harsh of us. But let the record show that our phonetic rendition of the poem was pretty close.

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