Kourtney and Kim take the Hamptons: What’s happening in tonight’s episode???

Here's a sneak peak of all the DRAMA in tonight's episode of Kourtney and Kim take the Hamptons!

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Tonight's episode sees an Kourtney and Scott have an emotional chat about their future (with as little emotion showing on Kourtney's face as possible- obviously).

Following Scott's stint in rehab, the couple must figure out how to move forward and give each other space without putting too much distance between each other.

Scott tells Kourtney they haven't 'slept together' in five years
Kourtney wants to 'change' her and Scott's habits

With all this going on, Kourtney becomes suspicious of Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban and suspects he might be the Kardashian 'leak' aka the person selling stories about the inner workings of the Klan.

Kim becomes alarmed when Kourtney confronts her about this, Khloe on the otherhand stays schtum.

Kim does her best 'Crazy Eyes' impression

As Kourtney's suspicions start to bug her, Kim confront's Jonathan about him possibly being the 'leak'. She ends up having doughnuts thrown in her face.

Kim ain't happy

Tune in tonight at 9pm for Kourtney and Kim take the Hamptons, on E!

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