QUICK! Last-minute gifts for A Level Results Day 🙊

Get yourself out of trouble with these last-minute gifts for A Level Results Day

Last-minute gift

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Thousands of students across the country have collected their A Level results. With lots of celebrations or commiserations happening, most of you will have brought your best friends, sisters, brothers, neighbors or whoever a well done gift for getting through their exams. But, I have a confession to make...

My little sister has collected her results along with the rest of students across the UK and I’ve completely forgot to get her something. That doesn’t sound that bad, right? You’re probably thinking I can pop to the shops after work. But, I literally live in the middle of nowhere and the closest decent shop is at least a 40-minute drive away.

If like me, you’ve accidentally forgotten to bag a present for someone, I’ve pulled together some amazing gifts, which will seem like you’ve put loads of effort in choosing. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed you have a Prime account or are able to fork out the extra cash for next day delivery. If you want to be a cheapskate, Nando's are giving away FREE food to students!

If you hurry, you won’t get a bad grade in giving gifts…. Get yourself out of trouble with these incredible last-minute gifts for A Level Results Day.

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Last-minute gifts for A Level Results Day

Pack of 12 funny A-level exam result balloons, £6.501 of 5

Pack of 12 funny A-level exam result balloons, £6.50

Perfect for little brothers or sisters, this pack of 12 balloons can be hung up around the house to welcome them back from picking up the dreaded results. It's guaranteed to even crack a smile from your granny with hilarious phrases like congratu-fucking-lations. Let's just hope this gift doesn't blow up in your face.Amazon.co.uk

Harrison's Gifts Student Starter Pack, £17.502 of 5

Harrison's Gifts Student Starter Pack, £17.50

If they can survive the celebration you're going to throw them, they can get through anything. Just to make sure, you can get them this brilliant fresher survival kit. It contains everything for uni like super noodles, bottle opener, note pad, pen, soap, cards, tea and an alarm clock. All the important things anyway.Amazon.co.uk

AmazonBasics 15-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set, £49.953 of 5

AmazonBasics 15-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set, £49.95

Feeling really bad about forgetting results day? You can splash out a bit more on a practical present and invest in your besties future with this 15-piece kitchen set. It includes everything they need to cook up a delicious meal for their housemates. Amazon.co.uk

Umbra Prisma Photo Frame, £12.504 of 5

Umbra Prisma Photo Frame, £12.50

Halls is a rite of passage for every student. One thing that they don't tell you is that the rooms lack any sort of personality. They can look a little bit like a glorified prison, but you can stop that from happening. Get them a photo frame and stick a picture of your face in it. Or, more practically a snap of you both. That way you can force them to take it so they don't miss you. AWWW.Amazon.co.uk

Prosecco Cocktail Toppers Therapy Kit, £14.995 of 5

Prosecco Cocktail Toppers Therapy Kit, £14.99

Pop, sip and repeat. Bubbles are a fantastic way to celebrate a good or bad result. OK got to put this out there, this is clearly only for students over the age of 18. Sorry for all you late August babies! You'll cause a stir with this amazing kit without even cracking it open, because they'll love the four fruit mixers and three delicious toppers. Amazon.co.uk

PSST... Did you know students can get extra discount on Amazon Prime? If you sign up now, you can a 6-month trial and get your stuff delivered tomorrow for free.


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