ICYMI Lidl and Aldi had a Twitter feud and we’re living for it

Oh, of course M&S got involved

Lidl vs Aldi

by Ruby Norris |
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Here at heat towers we love sitting back with a nice cup of tea and watching on as a full-on social media war escalates before our eyes. Usually, it involves one reality TV star calling out a rival show (à la Marnie Simpson and Love Island) or two love-rivals battling out over their celeb love interest (see Aaron Chalmers and Lewis Bloor’s bloody battle).

However, this time we're absolutely hooked on a Twitter feud between two supermarket giants.

Yup – Lidl and Aldi have engaged in full-combat tweet warfare and we're absolutely living for it.

It all began when one woman took to social media to ask a simple, yet extremely divisive question.

She wrote: "Which is better @AldiUK or @LidlUK? #questiontime"

Then all hell broke loose.

The memes. The gifs. It was a social media blood bath, and the food stores we're taking absolutely no prisoners.

It went on for quite some time...

At one point Waitrose and Marks and Spencer's were dragged into it.

Waitrose remained seemingly neutral and non-belligerent for a while, and then stepped in with a dignified late entry.

And M&S just had to get a slice of the action. They stepped in with a pass-agg tweet. Obviously.

This carried on for quite some time, the nation was divided and we're still not entirely sure which supermarket came out on top. We love them all, tbf.

Anyway, back to the important, hard-hitting news. There's going to be a cheese festival in the UK next year and we absolutely have to go.

It literally could not brie (lol) more up our street.

The Big Cheese Festival is not actually happening until 3rd March 2018, but you know that age old saying, right? Good cheese comes to those who wait…

And have you heard Walkers are about to cull one some of your favourite flavours?

They're putting the fate of the classic flavours into the hands of their crisp-loving fans in a new campaign, which invites us to vote between core UK flavours and new flavours from around the world.

The battles are as follows: Salt & Vinegar vs. Lime & Black Pepper (Australia), Prawn Cocktail vs Paprika (Spain) and Smoky Bacon vs Bacon & Cheddar (USA).

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