Lindsay Lohan explains away Speed the Plow performance: ‘It could’ve been a disaster, but it wasn’t’

Lindsay Lohan reckons her West End debut could have been worse


by Joel Golby |
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Lindsay Lohan’s High Standards news now, and the chaotic actress this week defended her much-anticipated West End debut in David Mamet’s Speed The Plow as being ‘not a disaster’. Shoot for that moon, Lindsay Lohan.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lindsay answered to the mixed reviews her first performance garnered, as well as the rumours that she forgot her lines and needed prompts placed on some of the show’s props.

“It could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t by far,” she said, ambitiously. “I could’ve not shown up. But of course I did, it’s my show.”

She also admitted that, much like her script, she didn’t read the bad reviews.

Everyone is always going to be judgmental, no matter what," she told the paper. "I respect people have an opinion, but I'm doing the best I can and will for the duration.

“I'm doing this because working makes me feel happy and this is a new venture for me."

She also admitted that she’s so settled in London that she would like to work on a British movie. Like… uh. The Stag? Or… um. Cuban Fury? God, British cinema. What happened to you.

“I would love to do a British movie when I'm finished on the stage,” she said. “I'm really settled here in London, so it would be great. Depending on the script, I'm open to all possibilities.”

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