Lions at Linton Zoo given old Christmas trees to play with as they’re “like catnip”

Sure beats trying to cram your old tree in the bin outside, right?


by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Now, we’re not suggesting you get in the lion enclosure at Linton Zoo yourself, but if you live in the Cambridgeshire area and still have your Christmas tree to get rid of, it might be worth heading down...

Lions at the Linton Zoological Gardens have been given old trees to play with as a post-Christmas treat as this type of tree are “like catnip” to the big cats, and they're going bananas for the evergreens.

Talk about getting a January boost, eh?

People have been dropping off individual trees and a number of nurseries have donated unsold ones.

But it’s not just the lions getting a kick out of the old trees – they’re being used in the zoo's bio-burner to provide additional heating for the buildings. Plus the Christmas trees that still have roots are being re-planted in a small meadow area of the zoo and in the snowy owl enclosure.

“We've already had quite a few trees coming in, which are giving the lions hours of fun," Linton Zoological Gardens' director Kim Simmons said.

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