Loads of gifs of Mariah Carey loving Christmas

Because Mariah loves Christmas. And so do we.


by Rhiannon Evans |

Why have we done this? Because it's the second to last Friday before Christmas and it's Mariah. WHY DO YOU HATE CHRISTMAS, FOOL?

Sorry, we just get really defensive when people diss Mariah Carey or Christmas.

So here are a load of gifs of Mariah Carey loving Christmas.

Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber

![](http://imgur.com/U6w1Wqt){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

![](http://imgur.com/QHyQzuR){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

![](http://imgur.com/tWq4Jqj){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

![](http://imgur.com/2x7Gnnl){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Mariah Carey got you her candy for Christmas

![](http://imgur.com/SWHvAQ4){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Mariah and Father Christmas... drinking buddies

![](http://imgur.com/DLrM91l){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

That bell on her finger looks weird, right?

![](http://imgur.com/RjnMdRd){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

The reindeers may be magic and deliver presents worldwide to children. But they ain't the star of this show.

Mariah: Cos those high notes aren't gonna hit themselves

Busy at Mariah's at Christmas, innit?

Available at all good Mariah-themed snow globe online retailers

What's that? You love that Destiny's Child Christmas song?

![](http://imgur.com/J87y02R){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Slade is your favourite?

![](http://imgur.com/jD2G56H){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Oh... you think Mariah is the Queen of Christmas?

![](http://imgur.com/pTOevJa){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

It's just so nice of you

![](http://imgur.com/QKa4pwT){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Mimi is totes overwhelmed

![](http://imgur.com/No0B2M7){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Everyone STOP doing hair flips, because Christmas Mariah has won them

![](http://imgur.com/ZFpzJZa){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

And pouting... pouting is done.

![](http://imgur.com/5TQgng7){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

Saying Merry Christmas is soooooo 2013

![](http://imgur.com/qmSFyzR){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

If you get a skateboard or rollerskates for Christmas, Festive Mariah has a message for you

![](http://imgur.com/QR6O6f6){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}


![](http://imgur.com/z0HdeaH){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

And if you're thinking of making a Christmas song to rival Mariah...

![](http://imgur.com/1ewK8KW){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

![](http://imgur.com/vCnSasn){:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer}

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