Loads of people think there was a secret X-Rated message in Art Attack

And it’s kind of ruined our childhoods.

Art Attack's Neil Buchanan

by Helena Cartwright |
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Art Attack hit the headlines today and we were very excited here at heat HQ.

Anyone who was at school in the 90s was gripped by the show.

And we all love a bit of nostalgia.

But when we saw why, we were horrified.

It seems that our innocent eyes missed something very rude indeed.

While Neil Buchanan was making us believe anything was possible with just a little pot of PVA glue, it turns out the rest of the crew were sending us a not so innocent message.

The Talking Head, which was basically our fave thing of the show, seems to have had a very saucy message on his head.

An eagle eyed viewer who was catching up on the old classic (lol why didn’t we think of doing this?) noticed that it looks as though he has the word “sex” written on his head.

And if you look carefully, it does actually appear as though the clay hair spells out the word.

How naughty.

Can we now also reflect on the fact that Neil Buchanan is now part of a heavy metal rock band.

Take a look.

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