I’m a Celeb contestant Tinchy Stryder’s girlfriend tells heatworld: “His worst challenge would be eating genitalia”

Loving Campmate Tinchy? His girlfriend Helen spills the beans...


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He's been the quiet man of the jungle, but we're still loving Tinchy Stryder, so we grilled his girlfriend Helen Haben on all things I'm a Celeb... we found out all about his bromance with Michael Burke and his greatest fear... luckily he dodged the balls-filled drinks in last night's Bushtucker trial... just the Hurl-Lot (blended cockroach, cricket and mealworm), Poo-Secco (blended pigs’ anus) and Con-Yak (blended 100 year old fermented duck egg)to deal with...* ***

How do you think he’s getting on so far?

Really well, but I still think the best is still to come

Are you proud of him?

100 per cent

Have there been any embarrassing moments for you? Is there anything yet that you’ll be ticking him off about?

Haha, not at all. Like I said he's done really well - no embarrassing moments whatsoever.

What do you think he’s missing most? You? Did he say he’d miss you?

Well you'll have to ask him that, haha. Yeah said he will miss me and I said I will miss him too.

** Who do you think he’ll actually be friends with after this?**

Obviously Michael - the bromance is blossoming

Who do you think he’ll not really want to speak to?

He's a really chilled out guy, and he generally finds a positive with everyone, it would take a lot for someone to make him dislike them

What do you reckon he made of Gemma quitting? Would he ever quit? What do you think would be his deal breaker?

It was unfortunate that she quit, he totally would of understood why she quit. His main interest is for her to be happy and she had to do what was best for her. I doubt Tinch would ever quit, I think he will do his best until the very end.


Do you think he can win? Does he want to?

Of course he can win, everyone has got a chance, isn't that a part of the experience? You go in there to win it. So yes, I do think he wants to win but he's also doing it to challenge himself.

What would be the worst challenge they could give him?

I think it would be eating genitalia - he would not do that.

He’s said he’s scared of rats - how do you think he’d react to a rat related challenge?

I think he'd hate it to start with but for the sake of the other camp mates he'd get on with it.

He said before he went in that he’s a picky eater – what’s he fussy with? Have you ever cooked something he’s refused to eat?

Where do I start? haha, he's fussy about a lot of things but he's too polite to refuse something I've cooked.

Was he scared going in? What advice did you give him? Did you partly think he shouldn’t do it?

Scared? Not sure - nervous definitely! We did have a chat about it but he made up his own mind and I supported him all the way.

What celeb woman would you have been really worried about if she’d been in there?


** Do you think we’re seeing the ‘real’ him? He’s fairly quiet – is that what he’s like or do you think he’ll come out of his shell?**

I think there's more to come - and I know everyone will love it.

Is the lack of food getting to him? How will he handle it?

I'm sure it is, but he seems to be handling it really well.

He’s always well dressed in real life – do you think he’ll be struggling with wearing the same smelly clothes?

I agree but as I am a style blogger since meeting me his style has improved. He'll probably be struggling it bit, but who wouldn't?

When Tinchy did that single recently with the Chuckle Brothers – did you get to meet them?

Yes I did, they came over one day and they're so lovely and I absolutely love the song. It was for a good cause.

After his rapping lesson from Tinchy, do you think he and Michael Buerk with do a duet once they’re out of the jungle?

Stranger things have happened but that would be legendary! They are so opposite but still the same, I think they will continue to be friends after this experience. I would love to have Michael over for dinner one evening, I'll make sure Tinch sets that up.

If he does have an argument, How would he handle it? Does he shout or sulk?

I think he would fight his own corner, but its very hard to push him into that to be honest. He doesn't entertain that.

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