I’m A Celebrity BEST BITS: Tinchy and Kendra are OUT and it’s emotional when the camp calls home!

We love I’m A Celebrity – but we also like Friday nights out with our mates.


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So, if you chose the latter and decided to paint the town red (or just chose to watch something different on your telly-box) and didn’t get to catch tonight’s episode – we’ve compiled all the best bits here.


Kendra and Tinchy have left the jungle

Bye guys!
Bye guys!

In a double whammy tonight, Kendra and Tinchy left the jungle. The pair seemed to have slightly mixed feelings over the decision but seriously, the best part was Kendra realising that Edwina wasn’t her biggest fan.

To be honest, we think the feeling was mutual so we doubt she’s that bothered.

Time for a nice bath and a decent meal for them.

Mel and Kendra face their fears

Kendra actually put herself up for this...

Tonight’s Bushtucker Trial – Critter Conveyor – was a hoot and saw Mel volunteering for the challenge, with Foggy then suggesting either Kendra or Edwina have a go too.

Mel – who’s not getting on with Edwina right now – wanted Kendra and incredibly, she said she was up for it.

Kendra faced mealworms and cockroaches while Mel faced her ultimate nightmare – a big box full of snakes.

They still managed to bag six stars mind…

Jake and Edwina take on the Venus Fly Trap

Edwina and Jake LOVE to flirt - even like this...

Today’s Dingo Dollar Challenge involved Jake and Edwina flirting outrageously (it was television gold) as the former MP donner a spider’s outfit and Jake worked as a fly trap.

“She’s a bit of a man-eater, so it’s probably the best role for her,” Jake joked, before telling Edwina she’d need to shave if she wanted to go on a date with him.

(It was because of her outfit, BTW, nothing else…)

Phone calls home make everyone weepy

Mel's family couldn't be more proud

The campmates had just 15 minutes to work out which phone numbers connected them to their loved ones at home.

Tinchy managed to grab some time with Helen, Kendra got a few minutes with Hank and Mel was left in tears after her mum told her, “You’re doing so well. I’m so proud of you.”


BOOZE, lies and truths…

All the truths came spilling out...

Some luxury was bestowed upon the camp tonight as they were given a little bit of booze while they were playing One Lie, Two Truths.

Each person had to say three random facts, one of which would be a lie and everyone had to guess.

Edwina was hilarious, declaring: “I’ve got a first class degree; I used to work for Arthur Anderson the chartered accountants; I lost my virginity on bonfire night, which really made the earth move.”

The lie ended up being her degree, with Jake continuing their flirting spree by telling her “so you were literally a banger on that night!”


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