I’m A Celebrity recap: Jake Quickenden as a dinosaur, Kendra Wilkinson’s art ‘mare and the DRAMATIC RESCUE of our fave new celeb couple, JOGGY

ALL the best bits from Wednesday's show in one little package


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Last night's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! taught us many things. Things like: Kendra Wilkinson should NEVER be allowed to sing. Things like: X Factor's Jake Quickenden might be a shapeshifter. Things like: Nadia Forde and Tinchy Stryder are actually water-soluable and shouldn't be kept out in the rain.

Here's a round-up of our best bits from last night's show.

Jake Quickenden's dinosaur impression is both terrifying and wondrous


Clearly Jake got to see the new Jurassic Park trailer before the rest of it, because he's already trying out his human-raptor hybrid skillz. Question is, why don't Tinch and Carl Fogarty seem as peturbed as they should? RUN. RUN AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK.

Jimmy and Foggy = Joggy

Hot new celebrity couple alert! These two have already had lots of naked shower fun time (with Carl poking Jimmy in the bum with a stick. EROTIC.) and took to holding each other close during last night's Shed of Dread. Jimmy, predictably, is a total wimp and keeps leaping up on the boxes to get away from all the cockroaches, while Foggy just strides around like a badass picking up bugs with his bare hands. Weirdly, EVERYONE on Twitter wants to marry Jimmy (though they all agree he'd be crap in a spider-in-the-bath scenario).

Kendra encounters the wrath of the group

Edwina's not impressed

Is she playing a game? That's what Michael Buerk reckons after seeing Kendra erupt at Edwina Currie during Monday night's show. Trust Michael to have brought his investigative journalism hat into the jungle. Edwina says the 29-year-old American has "a mouth like a sewer" and should be more mindful of the fact it's a BRITISH SHOW. Trust the Tory not to know what British people are actually like.

OH, and then we made you this IM-A-Celebrity spoof, because we're nice like that. IM-A-Celebrity, geddit? I-M? Like Instant Messenger? Ah, forget it.

Michael decides to start a new career in rap

Tinchy Stryder's loving it and reckons the 68-year-old's got a promising future as the new face of grime. We're definitely seeing it.

Kendra gets a right mouthful of art

Now we're now stranger to art. Van Gogh and stuff, yeah? But we've never got as close to it as Kendra did last night, the poor lass.

Not actually a weird new sex game. Just a Bucktucker Trial

Let's have another go at that IM-A-Celebrity gag, yeah?

Yeah, you like that.

BONUS: Michael confesses he nearly killed Jimmy Savile

Buerk: Natural Born Killer?

Apparently the two of them were standing next to each other on the posh Queen Elizabeth II liner. Michael said one of his biggest regrets is not pushing the paedophile over the rail while he had the chance.

Amazing. Tune in tonight at 9pm on ITV for more I'm A Celebrity japery.

The best, worst and most NAKED jungle shower scenes of all time - Myleene Klass, Mark Wright, Katie Price, Amy Willerton, Joey Essex and MORE!


I'm A Celebrity: The best, worst and most NAKED jungle shower scenes of all time - Myleene Klass, Mark Wright, Katie Price, Amy Willerton, Joey Essex and MORE!

Gemma Collins, 20141 of 9

Gemma Collins, 2014

Curvy girl Gem was the first celeb to strip off for the famous jungle shower in this current series, giving us many LOLs at her hilarious squeals and groans at the cold water.

Helen Flanagan, 20122 of 9

Helen Flanagan, 2012

Flanny whinged her way through every single challenge, at one point quitting before the challenge had even begun because the idea of getting in a giant empty hamster wheel made her ‘a bit panicky’. However she managed to win the, errr, hearts of many in her itsy-bitsy blue bikini.

Matthew Wright, 20133 of 9

Matthew Wright, 2013

Myleene isn’t the only contestant to don a white bikini on the show. The controversial talk show host showed us that he knows how to work his curves, à la Ms Klass. We bow down to you, Mr Wright.

Katie Price, 20094 of 9

Katie Price, 2009

No I’m a Celebrity shower gallery would be complete without the assets of Katie Price, aka Jordan. Katie knew exactly what she was doing when she stripped down to a frilly red bikini and lathered up her bod in her second stint in the jungle.

Mark Wright, 20115 of 9

Mark Wright, 2011

When we weren’t enjoying Mark’s solo shower scenes (the man looks like a human Ken doll), we were obsessing with his flirtatious fling with glamour girl Emily Scott. Our ultimate fave moment has to be Mark emerging butt naked from the jungle pool as a lustful Emily looks on. Join the club, Scottie…

Ashley Roberts, 20126 of 9

Ashley Roberts, 2012

In 2012, former Pussycat Dolls Ash made jaws drop across the nation when she took a dip in the pool. Doncha wish your girlfriend could work the jungle shower like her?

Gino Du2019Acampo, 20097 of 9

Gino D’Acampo, 2009

The Italian stallion wasn’t shy about baring his naked bottom (which we didn’t mind at all). Room for one more in there, Gino?

Amy Willerton and Joey Essex, 20138 of 9

Amy Willerton and Joey Essex, 2013

She’s the beauty queen of GB, he’s Essex royalty. Watching the love blossom between these two exceptionally beautiful specimens was one of our fave TV moments of 2013 – especially when they jumped in the shower together. We can’t decide who we fancy more.

Myleene Klass, 20069 of 9

Myleene Klass, 2006

Ms Klass is undoubtedly the queen of the jungle shower. Her infamous white bikini sold for £7,500 on eBay, which she donated to the victims of the Fareapak savings scandal.

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