I’m A Celebrity recap: Jimmy Bullard departs, Jake and Kendra get dirty and letters from home get shredded

We still can't believe Jimmy's gone. But the jungle most definitely does go on...


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"Well, this definitely beats pig's anus"
"Well, this definitely beats pig's anus"

So long, farewell

After downing all sorts of willies and insects in yesterday's Vile Vineyard trial, Jimmy Bullard has officially departed the jungle. Judging by the above photo he doesn't seem to mind too much, though. He did love winding up his fellow campmates just before his departure was announced, saying: "If I go I'm gonna slaughter you all in the press. Honestly, in there we try to get on but what a bunch of absolute wallies!"

Everyone else was totes emosh and full of tears, with Mel Sykes, Jake and Foggy being particularly gutted to lose the joker of the pack. Mel said: "Jimmy has helped me lots. I’m so shocked to see him go. I just loved having him around. I know it’s silly (getting upset).” Aww, quite sweet. But you might be seeing him sooner than you think...

"Just a little something in my eye"
"I just can't take wearing this hideous outfit anymore"

This is just a tribute

Foggy was also devastated: “Total shock. I didn’t see that one coming at all, I really didn’t. I was so emotional that I lost Jimmy, but so emotional that I’ve got a lot of fans out there still that wanted to keep me in here.”

Jake seems to have changed his tune a wee bit, saying: "When I first came in he (Jimmy) made me feel really welcome and he put me at ease. I won’t forget that. He kept me going. He took the mick out of me and it’s what I liked. Nobody's safe.”

If you're thinking what we're thinking, yes. It was merely a few days ago that Jake was storming off in a huff about having the mick taken out of him by none other than Jimbo.

Michael said: “He was the standout personality in the camp. The life and soul of it. It changes the dynamic of the camp in a very big way.”

Kendra and Edwina then went on to speculate between them as to why Jimmy was voted out first. Kendra reckoned it might have something to do with him winding up Mr Quickenden: "I think that talk the other day with him (Jake) was a little like… If I was watching, I’d be like, ‘God damn…I was sitting here shaking my head. I was like, ‘Oh Jimmy!’”

Edwina added: “He was pushing Jake. I know Jimmy for who he is. We see him every day, we see his heart, but at times he takes it too far and I'm like 'Ooh, some people might not like it.'"

Er, just to remind everyone Jimmy is still very much alive by the way.

"This is the closest I've had to a shower in two weeks"

Tank top (and tail)

Dum, dum, DUM!!! Deadly Dunker time. This time the campmates got to choose who participated in the next Bushtucker Trial, but as Michael caused such a fuss about not doing one (er, hello? That would be the dream, Mike), he was determined. Vicki and Nadia were the two others in the camp who hadn't done any either (understandably), so Vicki joined Michael in the end after Nadia helpfully said: "I'm happy to do one but I just hope you're not expecting a big meal."

Well, that solved that decision then. Foggy wasn't too happy about it, adding: "At the end of the day it’s about a team, about feeding the whole team. It’s not about Michael wanting to do this because he wants to do it for himself. But that’s fine. I’m happy with them both going and do it today. But they’d better bring back the bacon.”

And bring back the bacon (or the kangaroo), they did. Vicki and Michael earned seven stars after being strapped to the Deadly Dunker, a giant wheel rotating 360 degrees (very similar to those horrible fairground rides). One of them had to grab a ball from the bottom of the tank when they went through it, then the other one had to throw said ball into a basket. Sounds easy? Well, who knew what lurked beneath...

"Don't worry love. Hang on, yeast infections aren't contagious are they?"

Biscuit time

Kendra and Jake decided to do the Dingo Dollar challenge of the day called Time Is Money, where they had to work out the time on some clocks in exchange for some lovely digestives. Sounds easy, right? However, the clues were hidden at the bottom of a smelly swamp. With Jake saying: "I'm not the best at telling the time. I usually use a digital watch" and Kendra quoting: "Hands down the worst smell I've ever smelled my entire life is right there. I'll get a yeast infection", it's fair to say we were slightly worried about the outcome of this one.

After putting grass up their noses (let's hope they don't have hayfever) to disguise the smell, they eventually set the clocks to the correct times, and Kendra admitted: "Getting dirty was definitely right for me and Jake. I think it got us closer in some ways."

Steady on, love!

Kiosk Keith called the camp and asked the rest of them: 'What percentage of Brits think a mother should stay at home when their child is under school age? 25% or 33%?"

We wouldn't have had a clue, and neither did they, so digestive biscuits they did not get.

Er, Kendra? We think you're memorising the wrong words...
Consonant, consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant, consonant, consonant

Read-letter day

Each celeb was given the chance to win a letter from home for each of their fellow campmates. But in order to win these highly sought-after words, they each had a minute to remember six out of eight words on a piece of paper before it went into a shredder. Jake won Mel a letter, saying: "I was buzzing to win her a letter. I knew how much it would mean to her." Awww! Mel's two sons, Roman and Valentino wrote her some lovely words which had her sobbing all over again.

Edwina won a letter for Tinchy, Tinchy won one for Edwina, Vicki won Michael's, Nadia won Foggy's and Foggy won Jake's. Jake's contained some very exciting news that his brother was having a baby. Woooo! Congrats Uncle Jake! The poor junglistas not to receive letters were all gals - Kendra, Vicki and Nadia. So predictably, there were a mixture of emotions going on in the camp. Kendra was feeling particularly sulky as she didn't get hers, and Mel (even though she did) got in a strop because her sous chef Jimmy had been sent home, so couldn't help her cook the octopus.

What will tomorrow bring, eh?

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