Married At First Sight couple split after three weeks because the groom was spotted on Tinder


Married At First Sight

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Didn’t everything look like it was going peachy for Married At First Sight couple Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart? Well, at their actual wedding it all seemed good anyway…


    But last night’s episode of the Channel 4 documentary – which uses a hell of a lot of tests to match up potential couples to tie the knot despite having never met – it was revealed that their marriage lasted just three weeks.


    Well, it turns out Jason had been spotted on dating app Tinder by one of Kate’s friends. Not ideal…

    Jason admitted: “It was probably more from my side than hers that it didn’t work."

    No kidding...

    “It’s not that I didn’t want to give it a go but I just definitely wasn’t feeling the feelings you should feel at the start of the relationship. I made a decision after the honeymoon to end things.

    “One of my good friends said: ‘Jason, are you back in the dating scene?’ I said it was a bit too soon but he suggested I should re-download Tinder.

    “I handed my phone over to his girlfriend who was happily swiping left and right and having a laugh about it. Anyway, the next morning I woke up and packed my bags because I already knew I was going to leave.

    “We sat in the lounge but Kate wouldn’t let me talk. She had a rant at me. At the end of the conversation she said: ‘By the way, you swiped right on one of my friends and I’m leaving’ at which point she saw my bag at the door and said, ‘Apparently you are too’.”

    Emma and James
    Emma and James

    Although Kate and Jason have called time on their marriage, it looks like fellow* MAFS* couple, Emma Rathbone and James Ord-Hume, are loving married life. Five months later and they’re still together!

    Don’t you just love, erm, love!

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