McVitie’s just revealed something quite disturbing about your fave biscuits

We've been wrong this WHOLE TIME

Chocolate Digestive

by Ruby Norris |
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We recommend you find a nice comfy seat, make a refreshing cup of tea (maybe grab a couple of biscuits too, 'cos why not? It's topical) and take a long deep breath, as we’re about to bring you some news that may shake you to your core.

We finally have an answer to the age-old question: which side is the top and which is the bottom of a McVitie's chocolate biscuit?

And it's not what you'd think.

We're mainly focussing on biscuit top dogs here, btw: The Chocolate Digestive and the Chocolate Hobnob.

Chocolate Digestive

Apparently, the chocolate is the BOTTOM and what we thought was the biscuit bottom is actually the top. It's all very confusing and we're not really sure how we feel.

This harsh truth was brought to light thanks to a debate sparked on Facebook when someone posted a video asking: "Please can you help us solve a debate in work today... which is the top of this yummy McVitie's chocolate hobnob?? The chocolatey side or the nobby side??"

And then McVitie's waded in and changed our lives FOREVER with their comment: “Hi, our Hobnobs goes through a reservoir of chocolate, so it's on the bottom! Thanks, McVitie's."

A spokesperson for the brand, Kerry Owens, later confirmed to Good Housekeeping: "When we make our McVitie’s chocolate biscuits – whether that be Chocolate Hobnobs, Chocolate Digestives, or even Jaffa Cakes – they go through a reservoir of chocolate on the production line. This essentially ‘enrobes’ the bottom in chocolate - so we can confirm that the chocolate is officially on the bottom of the biscuits."

Chocolate Digestive


We've been living a lie our whole lives. Next, they'll be telling us reality TV isn't actually real. IS ANYTHING TRUE ANYMORE?


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