The McVitie’s Victoria biscuits Christmas advert is going to destroy your heart and stamp on the tattered remains of your soul


by Emmeline Saunders |
Published on

Now listen up, and listen up good because this is the last thing you’ll read today before your eyeballs melt from sheer cuteness: biscuit giant McVitie’s has put out its first Christmas ad in more than 30 years, and it’s the best thing to ever hit our screens.

We’ve become familiar with the recent offerings from McVitie’s – the kittens crawling out of a packet of chocolate digestives, the owls sitting on the heads of BN fans – but this Christmas ad is like all the good things you’ve ever dreamed of coming to life.

The advert premiered last night on E4 and is already getting talked about. Put it this way: we want a baby narwhal in our bird bath. And if we don’t get one in our stocking this year, we’re going to start eating Fox’s biscuits instead.

Oh look, way more cute animals, if you weren't already destroyed enough as it is


Cutest animals ever

Baby orangutan1 of 36

Baby orangutan

Baby goat2 of 36

Baby goat

Baby platypus3 of 36

Baby platypus

Baby alpaca4 of 36

Baby alpaca

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Baby doggies

Baby anteater6 of 36

Baby anteater

Baby bats7 of 36

Baby bats

Baby bear8 of 36

Baby bear

Baby dik-dik9 of 36

Baby dik-dik

Baby doggy10 of 36

Baby doggy

Baby dolphin11 of 36

Baby dolphin

Baby elephant12 of 36

Baby elephant

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Baby bunny

Baby elephants14 of 36

Baby elephants

Baby giraffe15 of 36

Baby giraffe

Baby tortoise16 of 36

Baby tortoise

Baby goat17 of 36

Baby goat

Baby gorilla18 of 36

Baby gorilla

Baby hedgehog19 of 36

Baby hedgehog

Baby hippo20 of 36

Baby hippo

Baby kangaroo21 of 36

Baby kangaroo

Baby kitty22 of 36

Baby kitty

Baby mouse23 of 36

Baby mouse

Baby otter24 of 36

Baby otter

Baby owl25 of 36

Baby owl

Baby pig26 of 36

Baby pig

Baby polar bear27 of 36

Baby polar bear

Baby horsey28 of 36

Baby horsey

Baby porcupine29 of 36

Baby porcupine

Baby doggy30 of 36

Baby doggy

Baby rhino31 of 36

Baby rhino

Baby sea lion32 of 36

Baby sea lion

Baby tapir33 of 36

Baby tapir

Baby sloth34 of 36

Baby sloth

Baby snow foxes35 of 36

Baby snow foxes

Baby snow leopard36 of 36

Baby snow leopard

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