Ex On The Beach’s Jordan Davis: “Megan McKenna WILL kick off – she always does”

We would not want to be on the wrong side of Megan McKenna

by Georgina Terry |
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“Nikki Grahame has a lot to answer for,” we thought to ourselves as Megan McKenna had a Celebrity Big Brother meltdown so bad that security had to be called to the Diary Room.

If you somehow missed it, or want to see it again you can - here.

But was Megan always like this, or is she turning it on for the CBB cameras?

Jordan Davis, Megan’s Ex On The Beach ex-boyfriend, reckons it’s the former.

We chatted to Jordan and his Ex On The Beach co-stars Helen Briggs and Naomi Hedman, to find out some scandal from the upcoming series, and they do not disappoint.

Ex On The Beach: Naomi, Helen, Jordan - look out for this lot

Jordan, who met Megan on series 3 of MTV’s can’t-look-away show, says he was very nervous about the appearance of his ex, er, on the beach.

“Megan’s gonna kick off. And, of course, she does,” he told us.

Before revealing: “I think I’m a brilliant boyfriend, I treat her like a princess, I worship the ground she walks on. But...

“I have split up with a girl and I slept with her best friend.”

Aw, sweet.

We also reckon that ex-Playboy Playmate Naomi will be one to watch this series as she confided to us that she and Megan had clashed.

“I have got an attitude problem,” Naomi told us.

And a bigger set of lady balls than us to take on the wrath of Megan. Blimey.

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Ex On The Beach returns on Tuesday 19 January at 10pm on MTV.

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