Has Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson had a secret break-up BOOB JOB?

Fans seem to think so!


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We have been unashamedly gripped by Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson's savage break-up, with involved tears aplenty, a hot man named Pablo and calling a fellow cast mate 'a dumpling'(which was contro AF!!)


Fast forward a few months and the pair are choosing very different ways to move on from their tumultuous two and a half year romance. Sammy T went on Celebrity Big Brother and cosied up to Ex-X Factor contestant Amelia-Lily and Tiffany Watson has... erm, seemingly grown knockers overnight.

No really!

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the MIC star's boobs have almost tripled in size since December last year. We think she looks great either way tbh.

Tiffany Watson's boobs before

tiffany watson boobs

Tiffany Watson's boobs after


So, has Tiffany had a boob job? Plastic surgery experts MYA reckon so...

“Typically, women’s breasts can fluctuate in size because of hormones, weight loss or weight gain. However, in my professional opinion, there is an obvious increase to Tiff’s breasts that have the tell-tale signs of a breast enlargement.

'Tiff’s upper breast volume has definitely increased as they now sit higher on her chest wall. It’s particularly noticeable when you compare these photos to previous images of her where she appears to have a lack of breast tissue altogether.'

So there you have it!


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