Michelle O’Connor gets her boobs out in tonight’s Coronation Street! Kinda.

Let’s leave a little to the imagination shall we?

by Kay Ribeiro |
Published on

Well done Michelle O’Connor (AKA Kym Marsh), you officially win the award for most revealing first date dress ever.

In tonight’s Corrie, Michelle and new man Hamish (James Redmond) go on a date at the Bistro (of course, where else would they go?) and she rocks up in a tight black dress giving Hamish more than an eyeful. In fact, we totally busted him checking out her boobs 35 seconds in. Tut, tut.

Michelle’s super nervous because she’s only just split up with Steve McDonald and feels all out of practice and Hamish isn’t much better. With the conversation flowing very awkwardly, will there be a second date?

Coronation Street is on tonight on ITV at 7.30pm

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