Monty the Penguin has a rival – and he’s in love with Tulisa

Our friends at The Hits radio have filmed an alternative version of the John Lewis xmas ad. And it stars the female boss. Innit.


by Lucie Cave |

We’re still cooing at the telly every time Monty the Penguin appears on screen with his boggle-eyed stare lusting over his 'mail order penguin bride' in the John Lewis ad. And now our chums at The Hits radio have decided to pull on the penguin heartstrings even more with their take on the famous Christmas ad. Only this penguin works at a radio station, is called Marty and fancies his chances with former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos. The cheeky little ad also stars The Hits DJ Darryl and a guest appearance from your very own Heat magazine (because that is where Marty gets his fill of female boss news, obviously){:rel=nofollow}.

Tulisa told us she loved filming the spoof ad, and says she thought Marty was ‘well cute’ - so watch this space for penguin/N Dubz baby news.

Although thinking about it, a penguin child version of Tulisa would be very odd.

If you liked that, here’s another spoof version with funny voices…

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