Could this be the name of Jeremy Clarkson’s new ‘Top Gear’ show?

It’s pretty funny

Top Gear

by Anna Lewis |
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It looks like we might have the name of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s new ‘Top Gear’ show.

The show is being made for Amazon Prime, and the boys have been given complete freedom by their new broadcaster, and that includes naming the show.


So here’s what we believe the name of the show will be… drum roll please… Gear Knobs!

Yeah, ‘knobs’ sounds about right…

Gear Knobs – along with Gear Nobs and Speedbird – was registered as a trademark by Jeremy's law firm just before the official announcement was made that the show would be made for Amazon Prime.

The trademarking now means that Jezza can use the name for merchandise, magazines, computer software or even a television programme.

Rumours suggest that 'Speedbird' could potentially be the character in the show that replaces the Stig.

Jezza, Richard and James have committed to 36 episodes of the new show and have a colossal £160million budget (£4.5million per episode), making it one of the most expensive UK shows ever.

Gear Knobs, or whatever it ends up being called, should be available to watch on the streaming service in autumn, 2016.

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