There’s a new Nando’s burger and it sounds absolutely DELISH 😋

It’s “sunshine in a bite”, appaz


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Love Island’s on the telly, the sun’s shining (kinda) and there’s a faint smell of factor 50 sun cream in the air. All this means it’s now OFFICIALLY summer and BBQ season is well underway.

But when you don’t fancy battling the British weather and huddling under a communal umbrella to chow down on soggy (yet somehow still burnt) sausages in between torrential downpours, we recommend heading down to your nearest Nando’s for a delicious taste summer.

There’s a new burger on the menu and it’s been hailed as “sunshine in a bite” .

fresco burger

Called the Fresco Burger, the new addition is “a tall and generous build of vibrant tasting ingredients, made up of a concoction of Nando’s famous PERi-PERi chicken fillet, tangy pickled cucumber, peppery rocket, and fan favourite crushed avocado – all sandwiched into Nando’s renowned Portuguese roll.”

Sounds right up our street, tbh.

The Fresco burger is available to dine and takeaway in all restaurants from 5th June until 3rd September. So, that’s 12 weeks to make as many trips to Nando’s as poss – we’re already planning our first 4 this week.

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In other foodie news, Baileys have launched a new Strawberries and Creamdrink.

After originally launching as a special edition in the US back in February, the Strawberries and Cream Bailey’s is available to buy online and in supermarkets from 4th June.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for Strawberries & Cream! 😱🍸🍓 You’ve searched for it, you’ve asked for it, you’ve waited for it... and now, it’s finally here 🎉 ", a post on the official Baileys Facebook page announced.

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