Naughty Boy wins a special heat Twitter Award for his Twitter beef with Louis Tomlinson!

He scoops the Naughty Boy Award For Being A Naughty Boy, which is totally a thing

by Emmeline Saunders |
Published on

Just in case you’d had your eyes and ears stopped up by hayfever, we’re in Week 2 of heat’s Twitter Awards 2015 – and the first winner has been announced!

We thought music producer Naughty Boy deserved a gong for ruffling all those feathers with his recent Twitter spat with Louis Tomlinson, so we put him up for the aptly named Naughty Boy Award For Being A Naughty Boy.

He was a shoo-in, tbh, we’re not going to lie.

Anyway, Naughty Boy did us a little acceptance speech, and here it is. Look how proud of that award he is! Almost crying with joy, he is!

Sort of.

Voting for the Twitter Awards closes on Friday 22 May – a week from today – and you could get your mitts on £100 worth of shopping vouchers by filling in the voting form and picking out your fave social media-savvy celebs from our shortlists.

Here they are:

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