You NEED these amazing ASOS phone cases

It's Happy Hour! Well not at the pub, but for heat. Which is even better if you ask us


by Hannah Brimson |
Published on
PB&J sarnies. Is it lunchtime yet?
PB&J sarnies. Is it lunchtime yet?

OK, we know we only have one phone, but who cares when you can get three amazing peanut butter and jam sandwich phone cases for just £18? These beauts have just dropped at ASOS and the mere sight of them is making us pretty damn happy, let alone how we're gonna feel when they are actually encasing our mobile contraptions in all their glory. You could even give two to your mates and then stand in a line taking selfies. LOL. Actually no way, we'll be keeping them allllll to ourselves, thanks very much.

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