A brand new type of chocolate has been discovered and it’s naturally PINK

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Ruby chocolate

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Calling all chocolate lovers...we have a big announcement: there’s a new choc on the block.

Food scientists at Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s largest cocoa producers, have discovered the first new type of chocolate for 80 years and IT IS NATURALLY PINK!

Yes, that’s right, all our lives we’ve been choosing between milk, white and dark, but now we have a fourth option to add to the list: “Ruby” chocolate.

ruby chocolate

You might have seen pink chocolate before (probs around Valentine’s day) – but this one is totally natural, rather than just white chocolate that’s been dyed pink.

So, we know it’s going to look good on our Instagram, but how does it taste? Well, according to Barry Callebaut, it’s “not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.”

They add that the treat is “an intense sensorial delight” and “offers a totally new taste experience.”

ruby chocolate

Chocolate expert Angus Kennedy told The Sun: “It tastes so light and fruity you don't really realise you're gobbling up one chocolate the other, so it means consumers will be able to eat more of it than other types of conventional chocolate.”

Sounds pretty magical…

Ruby chocolate was unveiled at an exclusive event in Shanghai, China yesterday. It is the first new type of chocolate since the launch of white chocolate in Switzerland in the 1930s.

Ruby chocolate

Scientists in Belgium and France have spent decades trying to unlock the Ruby Cocoa Bean, so this is a BIG DEAL!


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