The best Nintendo Switch games to keep the kids entertained

From kart racers to block-breaking adventures.

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids

by William Lobley |

It can be easy to look at the world of video games and see nothing but grey futures, terrifying zombies, and bloody battlefields. But in truth, the gaming world is a wide and inclusive place, full of gaming titles to please everyone.

One gaming console in particular that demonstrates the full spectrum of gaming is the Nintendo Switch, which boast an extensive and brilliant game catalogue. Of course, it has its fair share of content aimed at mature audiences, but the Japanese giant’s bread and butter is the bold, the colourful, and the family-friendly. Take for example its mascot, one look at Super Mario and you’ll see what we mean. The chunky-cheeky plumper is about as far from the hellish landscapes seen on PS4 and Xbox One as you can get.

But it isn’t just Mario that makes the Switch the ideal console for kids. There are tonnes of titles out there that are kid-friendly. There are games from LEGO that are full of charm and adventure, remasters of classic platformer Crash Bandicoot, and Marvel superhero games all waiting to keep the kids happy. Minecraft and Fortnite are also available on the system, and no one in the year 2020 needs to be told how well these games go down with kids.

There’s so much choice in fact, that you’re going to need to some help cutting through to what’s good. With that in mind, we’ve enlisted our gaming experts to put together a buyer’s guide, listing the best Switch games for kids.

Here are our picks:

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