Ofcom are deciding whether to investigate Britain’s Got Talent after dog-gate

Over 1,000 complaints have been lodged

Simon Cowell

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Simon Cowell will have his head in his hands at the following news: TV watchdog Ofcom is now deciding whether to investigate after 1,000 people moaned about Britain’s Got Talent act Jules and Matisse.

In case you don’t know, the nation has been having one of its furores after it discovered the act that won the competition actually used a stunt dog, Chase, in place of Matisse during a tightrope act.


    Presumably these complaints were by people who actually think magic is real (sorry, did we just ruin that one too? Must be a bad week over in naivesville).

    These people also likely watch Watchdog and tweet their clunky broadband provider a lot on Twitter WHICH TOTALLY CLOGS YOUR FEED AND IS SO ANNOYING (sorry, got a bit personal there).

    We’re not sure what an investigation would involve, but it sounds a bit severe.

    However, Ofcom HAS received over 1,000 complaints – in fact 1,043 by Thursday afternoon.

    Last night Simon Cowell said: "I think now the dust has settled a bit we can accept that [Jules and Matisse] won."

    However ITV’s Peter Fincham said: "In the semi-final it was made quite clear the other dog played a role in it.

    "In the audition it was made quite clear this was a dog act with a range of dogs.

    "In hindsight, in the final it would have been better if that was clear."

    OK, OK, we all know that a range of dogs were used. Over to you, Ofcom…

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