You’re gonna lose your shit over Oreo’s new ice cream flavour

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Oreo peanut butter

by Carl Smith |
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We've eaten our own body weight five times over in chocolate over the Easter weekend, but all signs are pointing to us snacking for the foreseeable and we have literally no regrets. So thank GOD we've got a new delicious treat to fill that egg-shaped hole in the form of Oreo's peanut butter ice cream sandwiches.


We dunno if it was that 'heatwave' the other weekend or all these Coachella pics we've been seeing on Instagram, but we're craving ice cream hard rn; and Oreo's latest ice cream flavour might be the best invention since...potentially Penicillin, not gonna lie.

Oreo peanut butter

Oreo's peanut butter-filled biscuits have been around since 2015, but now all our prayers have been answered and the ice cream equivalent's OFFICIALLY A THING. Think about it - smooth peanut butter-y ice cream sandwiched between two massive Oreo biscuits. Could it get any better?

There's no such thing as a 'beach bod' anyway, pal.


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