heat’s Kay Ribeiro meets Paige Toon and Isabelle Broom

Now THAT'S a book club we wanna join...

heat's Kay Ribeiro, Paige Toon and Isabelle Broom

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Back before the coronavirus invaded our lives, our favourite authors releasing a brand-new book would signal a swishy launch with fizz and canapés and an eagerly anticipated book signing for fans. Alas, this is 2020 we’re talking about and that’s all but a socially distanced dream. So, to celebrate the publication of best-selling authors – and former heat staffers – Paige Toon and Isabelle Broom we decided to host an impromptu Zoom session instead.

Ex-Reviews Editor Paige’s latest, The Minute I Saw You, out on 6th August and available to pre-order, is the ultimate summer page-turner.

When sexy Sonny gives Hannah the eye (literally – she works in an Opticians), the chemistry is palpable, and it seems like a match made in heaven. But it turns out there is a big fly in the ointment – namely Sonny’s sworn off sex for a year and Hannah doesn’t do long-term relationships. Both have more emotional baggage than Gatwick Airport Arrivals, yet they can’t help being drawn to one another.

Question is, can they work through their deep-rooted issues to give romance a chance, or will they accept that some things are just not meant to be?

WATCH: Kay Ribeiro meets Isabelle Broom and Paige Toon

Meanwhile former Deputy Production Editor Isabelle’s new novel, Hello, Again, which is out now, is perfect for any frustrated travellers (and die-hard romantics) looking for a slice of sunny escapism. Mosaic artist Phillipa ‘Pepper’ Taylor lives a semi-happy existence in a small seaside town in Suffolk but a childhood trauma is preventing her from living her best life and she doesn’t know what to do about it. When her elderly friend Josephine asks travel virgin Pepper to accompany her on a trip to Europe, Pepper says yes, and in doing so opens her eyes to what life and love can be, if you’re just brave enough.

Both books are worthy of a spot on your ‘to be read’ pile, so it was great to catch up with Paige and Issy about their latest novels, find out what they enjoyed most about working at heat and, more importantly, ask them which A listers they would like to see playing their romantic leads in a film adaptation.


To get a signed copy of Paige’s new book, head HERE.

For Isabelle’s latest, head to www.isabellebroom.com.

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