As Parks and Recreation ends, the best Ron Swanson pearls of wisdom

Swanson-isms to the max


by Rhiannon Evans |
Published on

Tonight, in America, something terrible is happening.

Parks and Recreation is ending. It's a terrible thing.

But, we can't be mad, because we got seven whole series of one of the greatest characters ever created - Breakfast-loving Ron Swanson.

If you're a Parks and Recreation fan, you'll probably have seen these pearls of wisdom about five million times. And now live your life that way too. But as this sad day dawns upon us, we think it's only right you look at them one more time.

It's also a way of giving everyone who's four series behind some P&R in their lives, without spoilers. You're welcome.

Ron on making an effort

Ron on boozing

Ron on making friends... and enemies

Ron on eating

Ron on humour

Ron on how to order breakfast... or any meal

And making sure people understand you...

Ron on plain speaking

Ron on birthdays

Ron on making a will

Ron on boozing... again

Ron on lettuce


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