Can you spot whats OH-SO WRONG with this pillow?

Once you see it...

Penis pillow

by Aimee Jakes |
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We don't wanna come across all Jay-from-The-Inbetweeners on you, because we don't have a dirty mind. Honest. Sure, we occasionally report on penis sightings, which could be misconstrued as 'low brow' yeah sure. We also thought it was a little bit funny when an Olympian missed out on gold because of his MASSIVE wang. But, we would say we were only 7/10 on the filth scale. Ruder than Vanessa Hudgens in her HSM era but not as filthy as underneath Stephen Bear's bed. We imagine.

But, when we saw this pillow on Reddit, we couldn't help but spit out our no-dairy, no-wheat, no-gluten smoorthie and Whatsapp all our pals cry-laugh emojis and thank the lord we didn't opt for this when shopping for Mother's Day.

Have a look and see if you can spot what we mean...

Penis cushion

It's covered in WILLYS RIGHT!? Literally penis' disguised by a dead-fancy rose print? We can't stop noticing it now and after a few minutes deep in thought, we can conclude it's definitely a pillow we would feel strange cuddling up to whilst watching Riverdale.

Reddit user Waffle_Tw*** uploaded the photo when he noticed his mother's new cushion and the alarming print. Imagine telling your mum, 'erm, yeah they're nice mum yeah... but have you noticed...' over a spot of Sunday lunch? Stop it.

If we wanted to look at a bunch of dicks, we would look at our ex's tagged photos on Facebook. BURN.


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