Nacho Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Hut is now a thing and you need it in your mouth

It's a party on the tongue, frankly 🍕🥳

Pizza Hut Delivery launches Mexican Fiesta range with Nacho Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza

by Carl Smith |

It's day 9,437 of lockdown and, we'll be honest, we think our boyfriend's on the verge of leaving us. Why? 'Cause literally all we talk about is food.

"What's for dinner, hun?"

"Is it ridiculous to eat a whole pack of crumpets in one sitting?"

"What takeaway are we getting on Friday, babe?"

Yet here we are - even with the prospect of being dumped an increasingly-real possibility - bangin' on about food again.

See, we just had to let you know about Pizza Hut Delivery's brand New Mexican Fiesta launch, which quite frankly promises to be a party in the mouth.

We're talking Loaded Chicken Fajita Doritos Nachos. We're talking Cadbury Caramel Cookie Dough. We're talking new NACHO CHEESE STUFFED CRUST, for crying out loud. Just look at it.

Pizza Hut Delivery launches New Mexican Fiesta range
©Pizza Hut Delivery

Since the furthest we've travelled over the past 12 months is the World Food aisle of Sainsbury's (exotic), we literally couldn't be happier we get to spice up our weekend takeaway with a big ol' Mexican feast.

Providing the lockdown news we needed rn, Pizza Hut Delivery has just announced six brand new items; available for a limited time only.

If you're quick, you can get your mitts on two returning favourites, the Chicken Fajita Pizza and Fajita Chicken Chunks, plus new additions in the form of the Filthy Steak Fajita Pizza, Loaded Chicken Doritos Nachos, Nacho Cheese Stuffed Crust and Cadbury Caramel Cookie Dough.

Excuse us while we mop up the saliva from our keyboard. Ahem.

Pizza Hut Delivery Nacho Cheese Pizza
©Pizza Hut Delivery

To find out more about the range (and, more importantly, get your order in), head over to Pizza Hut Delivery now.

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