Pokémon GO hacks for lazy players

Pokemon Go

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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If you haven't heard or played Pokémon Go what are you actually doing? It managed to ruin a heat writer's life in just three days AND someone QUIT THEIR REAL LIFE JOB to play the game. It's crazy.

But if you're lazy like us, we have the best hacks for you...

Hatching those eggs

Hatching eggs is definitely the worst, it takes forever and you have to ACTUALLY walk around. But for all you lazy folk (like us) out there, there's a way to 'walk' without actually walking.

You can either use a rubber band to attach your phone to a fan like in the video below:

Or you can put string around your phone and use lots of sellotape to make sure it stays attached.

By doing this you can stay cool or watch a bit of TV while your eggs hatch. Be VERY careful though, you don't want your phone flying off and breaking.

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Pokémon GO drains your battery

If you've played Pokémon Go for more than five minutes you'll notice your phone battery has gone down very quickly. To avoid your phone dying while you're catching Pikachu you can buy yourself a portable charger. That way you can charge your phone anywhere and you don't have to remember your phone charger or worry about finding a plug to charge your phone.

Pokemon Go

How to catch a Poké Ball

Whether you've just started playing Pokémon or have been playing it since it first came out, we all sometimes struggle actually catching the Pokémon. So here's a little prop you can make which has been designed by a Pokémon gamer.

Cut a piece of card/paper about the same size as your phone. Then place post-it notes along the sides and leave a thin gap in the middle of the card. Then when you're catching a Pokémon put the card on top of your phone and catch away…. If none of that made sense watch the video below:

And you might realise after making this that you've put a lot of effort into this rather than actually catching Pokémon…

How to teleport on Pokémon GO

This one is expensive, can get you banned from the game, and it's possible for you to get arrested - BE WARNED. In order to teleport to anywhere in the world you can buy a fake GPS signal, which will allow you to travel abroad.

That means you can catch the Pokémon Kangaskhan, which is only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokémon GO Bots

Some gamers have used third-party Pokémon apps to help them on their journey of catching Pokémon. Some of the people created bots – a programme - that can roam maps, collect items and hunt Pokémon. Some of them even tell you where exactly the Pokémon are on your map.

However, using these third-party programs are against Pokémon Go's terms of service, so be careful.

Happy playing!

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