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A new episode of Britain’s Next Top Model is airing on Lifetime this Thursday at 9pm, and it involves a rather tricky mannequin challenge (yep, remember those?!). This week, the girls left in the competition have been set an in-store challenge at Dorothy Perkins, where they have to pose as live models in the shop window infront of some very special judges! And seeing as the mannequin challenge was one of the biggest viral internet crazes of 2016, we thought that it’s only fitting for us to predict which crazes will be next. Oooohhh...

The dab challenge

We’re not talking regular, boring dabs, we mean hilarious ones. IMAGINE the endless possibilities, people.

Holding hands with unsuspecting strangers

And filming it, for lols. The person who accumulates the best reactions wins. GO GO GO.

The hair swish

Swish it like the contestants in Britain's Next Top Model.

The food balancing challenge

Although Chrissy Teigen may have already won this with her weird yet wonderful chicken nugget balancing act. Mad skills.


It's inspired by vogue-ing, but it's all about letting your inner animal spirit roam free. And by the looks of it, this Britain's Next Top Model contestant has got the hang of it.

The Insta-sit

Apparently, this is how bikini models and professional bloggers are now going to be sitting down and posing for photos. Looks pretty uncomfy, if you ask us.

The hand-to-face selfie

Meet the sultry hand-to-face selfie, as demonstrated above by selfie queen, Hailey Baldwin. We predict this will be a big one, so if you want to be ahead of the social media game, you better start practising this pose in your bedroom mirror, pronto!

The sexy food eating challenge

We’re not sure that it’s even possible to eat a pizza in a sexy way, but we’ll give anything a go once. Especially if it involves food.

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Check out this week's episode of the Front Row:

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