Proof that the camera has always loved Kate Moss

Welcome to heatworld's Throwback Thursday! This week, we're mostly ooohing and ahhing over this cute picture of Kate Moss. Celebs beware – you could be next…


by Isabelle Broom |
Published on

She's been busy tearing up the town with the likes of Harry Styles all week, so we thought it only right to honour Her Royal Hotness, Princess Kate of Moss in this week's Throwback Thursday.

What this photo – which was taken sometime in the early '70s – proves, is that the camera has always loved Kate Moss. Seriously – just look at those eyes and that cute smile. She looks like butter wouldn't melt, which we're sure it wouldn't have back when Kate was still in pigtails.

Now a trendsetter of the highest order (hello, skinny jeans), we're not sure even Kate could get us all wearing velvet roll-neck dresses with frilly stripes on them. Then again, people probably said the same thing about the aforementioned skinnies. Kate can do no wrong – not now, not when she was about five years old.

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