A Prosecco festival is touring the UK!!

And we're probably going to follow it to every location

ASDA prosecco

by Ruby Norris |
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We love a good food fest here at heat towers, and recently got particularly excited about the upcoming Big Cheese Festival heading to Brighton Racecourse next year.

Our mouths were equally watering with anticipation when we heard about the Pizza festival, celebration of all things Mac 'n' Cheese and the fried chicken fest taking place in the UK this summer.

With all these culinary delights popping up across the UK, it's probably about time we had something to wash it all down with. Enter: ProseccoFest.

ASDA prosecco

YEP. The actual festival of a dreams has arrived and is taking place at various locations up and down the country.

You'll be able to sample an array of different Prosecco, Spumante, Cava and pink fizz at over twenty different tasting stations. There'll also be a number of Prosecco cocktails to try. Sounds like our ideal Saturday night, tbf.

The majority of the events will take place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November at locations including Essex, Kent, Surrey, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and more.

Tickets start at £12.50 (a small price to pay to literally swim in a pool of lovely bubbly).

For more info visit proseccofestuk.com.

In other food and drink-related news,you may soon be forced to wave a tearful goodbye to one of your favourite flavours of Walkers crisp, as Salt and Vinegar, Smoky Bacon and Prawn Cocktail are in danger.

How on earth can this be happening, you ask? Well, Walkers are putting the fate of the classic flavours into the hands of their crisp-loving fans in a new campaign, which invites us to vote between core UK flavours and new flavours from around the world.


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