7 Quirky places to watch romantic movies this Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’ve guilt tripped your other half into watching your favourite rom-com for the fiftieth time or you just want to spend a quality evening with your girls, there’s a whole load of quirky places screening top movies this Valentine’s, and we scouted out the best ones up and down the country. From a pop-up cinema at the top of The Shard to watching flicks in The Natural History Museum, there’s no way in hell you’re pulling a Netflix and chill on the 14th.


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When it comes to pop-up cinemas, Luna Cinema is queen. Springing up in places like Cardiff Castle and Kensington Palace, they've got an impressive track record - but this time around they've gone OTT, securing a residency at London's Natural History Museum. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your night in on the sofa to watch flicks in the museum's Hintze Hall, where a giant blue whale skeleton dangles from the tallest of ceilings. Not holding back on their movie selection, you can choose from A Star is Born, Thelma and Louise, or Pretty Woman and The Notebook.

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Talk about hitting two birds with the one stone. Jekyll and Hyde are hosting the ultimate Valentine's night for gin lovers and movie buffs this February, and if you have a keen interest in both, you might want to read on. This quirky Birmingham bar is offering a £30 package where you and your beau will get a Love Hearts-themed cocktail each, alongside a cheese and meat platter to share. Offering table service for the duration of your stay, a silent movie will be flickering away in the background so you can focus on getting in all those cheesy chat up lines.

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Bend and snap. Our favourite gal pal, Elle Woods, is making her way back onto the big screen this Valentine's, and it's all thanks to the guys at Everyman. Head to this boutique cinema in Muswell Hill for an experience like no other as you lounge back in cosy chairs to watch the light-hearted flick that is Legally Blonde. What's that? You want another reason to visit? You lucky lot will get a complimentary cocktail before the movie bursts onto the big screen.

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When Harry Met Sally is a classic. So, if you feel like watching the movie that never gets old in somewhere a little different, Dirty Bones is the place to be. Taking place the day before Valentine's (double date night, anyone?), your £15 ticket will get you popcorn, two cocktails and a cool 25% off food on the night. With a menu of mac 'n' cheese topped burgers and deep-fried chicken, don't be too surprised if you end up re-enacting that epic scene from the diner (you know the one we're talking about).

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Of all the places to catch a movie, an old railway depot doesn't exactly make it to the top of the list, well, until now, that is. Manchester's old Mayfield railway depot has been given a new lease of life, transforming into a unique pop-up cinema for Valentine's, with street food cocktails and beer aplenty. They have a fantastic selection of movies to choose from too (think Titanic, Dirty Dancing and The Bodyguard), making it a no-brainer if you're lacking plans on the 14th.

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Word on the street is that Rivoli Ballroom is the only remaining 1950s ballroom in London. If you're keen to check out this unique setting - that's decked out with velvet furnishings and crystal chandeliers from its heyday - there's no time like the present. Turning into a mini cinema for Valentine's, it's going to screen everything from Pretty Woman to Ghost. Don't even worry about organising dinner before hand; you and your partner in crime can tuck into hot dogs and popcorn from the bar, washing everything down with a cocktail (or five).

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The Shard is one of London's most impressive buildings (it's the length of eight football fields, you know) and this Valentine's you can scoot to the very top of it to watch one of the most romantic/heartbreaking movies around. Screening Romeo + Juliet, you and your plus one can look forward to 360° views of the twinkling cityscape, all before settling in to watch Leonardo on the big screen with a complimentary glass of Champagne and moreish box of salty popcorn to sob into.

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