Rihanna in talks to be in the next Bond movie

You can stand under my (machine gun disguised as a) umbrella


by Joel Golby |
Published on

Rihanna is reportedly in talks to appear in the next Bond movie, because she was so good at acting in Battleship that someone wants to pay for her to do it again.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Rihanna — who, somehow, despite being there since the Earth was forged in the fires of a split atom, who has been singing songs about boys who are rude since time began, is still only 26 — has been in talks to take up a role in the next installment of the Bond franchise. It’d be nice to pretend she’s going to play some supervillain who gives Bond a run for his money or will be the new M or something but come on, we all know how the world works now, she’ll be a Bond girl who sleeps with Bond then dies exactly 70 minutes into the movie.

The next Bond movie — codenamed Bond 24, because it is the 24th Bond movie — is set to start shooting in December, with director Sam Mendes once again teaming up with Daniel Craig to work on the follow up to 2012’s Skyfall.

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