You can now get Ryan Gosling lattes


ryan gosling

by Ellie Smith |
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All of us dream of meeting Ryan Gosling, which very sadly is probs never going to happen.

Ryan Gosling

BUT now you can get the next best thing: lattes with Ryan Gosling’s perfect face dusted on them in cocoa. What more could you ever want from your morning caffeine fix?


You’ll have to travel a little way to get it though, as these are only available at the Carrera Café on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

As well as Ryan’s lovely face, you can get some of his meme-inspired quotes such as: “Hey Girl, I love it when you wear yoga pants all day.”

It’s got to be the best latte art you’ve ever seen.

The “Gosling effect” is created using the café’s Ripple Maker, which transforms an image and prints it onto the foam layer of a coffee.

If you’re not a Ryan fan (do these people exist?), you can choose from a number of other fun things to top your coffee, from the New York skyline to Kim K’s crying photographs of babies.


And apparently customers can now ask staff to print their own pics onto their coffees using an app.


Technology is so clever.

PLEASE can someone bring this to the UK?


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