Who’s excited about The Fault In Our Stars? You’ll like this clip and gallery then

The blubfest is out today... and we can't WAIT

by Olivia Cooke |
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The next big thing making the move from teen fiction to movie screens is* The Fault In Our Stars* - and we’re pretty darn excited about it. T

here’s not a Vampire in sight. Or any futuristic battles to the death going on. The Fault In Our Stars is all about terminal teen cancer patient Hazel Grace, who falls in love with a super cute boy she meets at a support group.

The book is pretty special and we have high hopes for the film, which is released TODAY. And to celebrate the film's release today here's another look a clip that we first had exclusively in May - warning: you will blub. Are you a fan of The Fault In Our Stars and will you be going to see it at the cinema this weekend?


Who's excited about The Fault In Our Stars? You'll like this clip and gallery then

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