What’s this now? Don’t Tell The Bride is getting cancelled!

Sit down, take a deep breath and breathe into a paper bag: Don’t Tell The Bride is getting cancelled.


by Heat |

Yes, BBC3’s best show, where hapless grooms arrange a wedding on a budget, surprising their brides on the day with a rubbish wedding and a hideous dress, is coming to an end next autumn.

Which still gives us another nine months of men blowing the budget on massive stag do, stressed out best men and tearful bridesmaids, but STILL: terrible news.

BBC Director Of Television, Danny Cohen said today that when BBC3 moves online-only in 2015, they’d be ditching Don’t Tell The Bride in favour of scripted comedies and factual documentaries. Which sounds a bit dry, to us.

“We will be making a lot less of shows that fill the mid-evening schedule, shows that I really like, some of which I commissioned,” he said today.

“Those features and format shows that did a great job, helped to build our schedule, but in a world of tough choices we will focus on the comedy and serious factual and make less of those features and formats. That’s where we find the saving."

It’s because BBC3’s move online means the budget gets cut from £55m to £30m – so they can’t be shelling out £12,000 for each show, only for the groom to spend most of the cash on tins of beer and BBQ wedding breakfasts.

We’ll also wave goodbye to Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents and it’s incredible, ski-related spin off, Snow, Sex and Suspicious Parents.

The plus side of that, of course, is that you won’t get paranoid your parents are watching on a secret camera every time you do a wee in the street on holiday.

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