Here’s the video for Sophia Grace’s single Best Friends and it’s the GREATEST THING EVER!

"We don't want no boys 'round here"


by Anna Lewis |
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If you’re not familiar with Sophia Grace, then firstly… WHY THE HELL DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO SOPHIA GRACE IS? SHE’S THE GREATEST POP STAR EVER! And secondly, see the first point.

Sophia Grace and her pal Rosie were first spotted by Ellen DeGeneres on YouTube when the TV presenter saw them singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass and basically it was awesome, so she got them on the show to prove that pink tutus and tiaras are still totally cool no matter what fashion mags tell you.

Since then, the ladies have been spinning around in their big skirts, dancing to pop toons and having marshmallow fights (probably), as well as carving fabulous pop careers. Well, Sophia Grace has anyway…

Sophia Grace, 11, has premiered the official video for her new single* Best Friends* and quite frankly it’s off the chain (if you know what we mean). It’s all about us gals sticking together because girls rule and boys drool. At one point Sophia even sings, “When stupid boys come around, me and my girls shut ‘em down.” Which seems fair.

The only little problem with Sophia’s video is there’s no sign of Rosie, and that makes a teenie-tiny tear roll down our cheek. What could the reason possibly be for Sophia Grace’s best friend Rosie not being in the video for her new single Best Friends?

We’re citing professional differences…

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