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Pepsi salted caramel

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We like to think we’re pretty open minded when it comes to unusual flavours and trying new foods and drink here at heat towers. We got particularly excited overLidl’s Gin and Juniper Roast Pork crisps (don’t they sound dreamy?) and have been enjoying the weird and wonderful advent calendars popping up in the run up to Christmas.

However, we’re not entirely sold on Pepsi’s latest new flavour.

They’ve just released a salted caramel flavoured cola and, if we’re honest, it just sounds a bit too much.

According to Pepsi, the new drinks “blends the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish,” and is a new limited edition for the holiday season.

“Salted Caramel is a popular flavor that consumers are looking for — and delighted to find — especially during the holidays," Pepsi's vice president of marketing told

"We see it across food and beverages, from yogurt, to bagels, to tea!" he added.

However, the people of Twitter have spoken and they’re not totally on board with it.

Although, some were more positive:

And this guy’s just a bit on the fence:

No one likes a surprising after taste, tbf.

Bad news if you’re hoping to try out this new flavour combo for yourself – Pepsi Salted Caramel is currently only available in America.

If you are desperate, though, how about just buying some normal Pepsi and a box of salted caramel and making a little concoction of your own? That sounds way more fun.


You're going to love Pepsi Max's new flavour - even if it is a little weird

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