See Dermot O’Leary prepare for 24 hour Day of Dance for Comic Relief

We love nothing more than watching Dermot O’Leary limbering up.


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Those firm arm and leg muscles have got us all going giddy in heat towers (seriously, it doesn’t take much) and what makes it better is that it’s all for a good cause.

Yes Dermot will be dancing for 24 WHOLE HOURS to help raise money for Comic Relief so he decided to get some practice in before the big day at the Pineapple Dance Studios in London.


The X Factor host will kick off his Day Of Dance live on The One Show on Thursday 12 March before spending the next 24 hours high kicking, waltzing and basically just getting jiggy around the BBC’s New Broadcasting House, before setting off for the Red Nose Day Night of TV at The London Palladium the next day.

Oh you are looking SO good, Derm.
Oh you are looking SO good, Derm.

“When I came up with the idea for this event I was in the middle of the dancefloor on holiday, where you never want the dancing to end,” Dermot said.

“Now I’m back in the freezing cold UK with a few less disco lights and a lot more bruises – and it doesn’t seem quite as appealing! I’m going to need all the support I can get from the public to keep me going!”

After throwing some shapes at Pineapple, Dermot headed down to the Harley Street clinic of Comic Relief endurance expert and renowned sports scientist Professor Greg Whyte for a check up.

We still think Dermot looks lovely...

Speaking at the clinic, Greg said: “Although it sounds fun, there are lots of risks with taking on this dance. Putting your body through any sort of endurance test will always take its toll, but for such a huge amount of time and with such sustained physical movement there is a lot that could go wrong.

“Knee, hip and ankle injuries, muscle strains and blisters are just the start – as sleep deprivation kicks in combined with exhaustion and dehydration the possibility of falls and impact injuries are a real risk. If Dermot thinks he’ll be sailing through his sidestepping, he’s got another thing coming.”

Hey, Dermot, if you dance by heat towers we’ll happily give you a rub down. (PLEASE COME BY).



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