Snapchat is about to make a HUGE change

We're not so sure how to feel about it...


by Georgia Aspinall |
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Have you ever sat watching your favourite series, wondering when the hell they're going to get to the point and why you've waited 38 minutes for drama to start?

Well, if you're one of those people with a SUPER short attention span, you'll be absolutely buzzing to find out the latest snapchat news...



Yes. Genuinley. This is happening.

Basically, the vanishing video platform has signed a $100 million deal with Time Warner to produce 10 original TV shows. In case you didn't know, Time Warner owns Warner Bros and HBO- who made Game of Thrones, The Wire and True Blood- which means despite the time restraint we can expect some seriously good entertainment.

Apaz, we will be treated to three videos per day- but WILL they dissapear? It's yet to be confirmed, sigh.

If you're familiar with the Discover tab, you'll know Snapchat has been upping their short video content for a while now, with a James Corden series and VICE's dating series.


But they're really taking it up a notch with this new deal, we just can't wait to see whether they can actually pull off making a good TV show that only lasts three minutes.

Like... HOW?

If they pull this off we're gonna be amazed, and with the way Snapchat has taken over the world we're pretty sure they will. STEP ASIDE dog filter, you're about to be our second favourite Snapchat feature.


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