Strictly, X Factor, TOWIE, The Apprentice and cute dogs: The week’s telly in Vines (it’s funny)

Do you love telly? Then you're going to LOVE this (stop working, it's basically the weekend)


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We love telly. And we love vines (come find us @heatworld please!). So, each Friday we're going to tell you the story of last week's telly, in VINES. Oh, and because we can't help ourselves, there'll usually probably be animals in there too most of the time.

Saturday night is STRICTLY about Mark Wright's hips.

We love us some snake hips here at heat, so we were veeeery impressed with Mark Wright's last Saturday night on Strictly Come Dancing. Michelle Keegan is a lucky lady...

We have to say though, it's still not a patch on Jake Wood's efforts from last week. WE CANNOT STOP WATCHING WE THINK HE HYPNOTISED US WITH HIS HIPS

Over we switched to the X Factor. First up we want to thank Ben Haenow for reminding us of Stereo Kicks' Barclay Beales' yodelling abilities. What's not to love?

We're going to be honest. It wasn't the best. There were no MEGA KERMIT LOLS to be had this week, so thanks to Limmy for this...

On another note, we searched for Cheryl Cole in the dire hope something amusing would come up. And instead we found someone claiming to be Cheryl (with only about 100 followers) who had revined this. And it was too good not to share.

Sad times Sunday

And so to the saddest part of the week, Sunday night. And not just because the weekend is over, but we have to say goodbye to loads of people on Reality TV shows.

Before that happened though, Lady Gaga popped up on Strictly Come Dancing, which was odd.

Then it was the turn of Thom Evans to say goodbye to the ballroom, which is sad because (a) He looks like a real life Disney Prince on telly every night and (b) We'll miss out on class acting like THIS from now on... #OscarWorthy

On X Factor, it was the turn of Jake Quickenden to say BYYYYYYYE. Which makes us really sad, because we liked.... we liked... OK WE LIKED HIS BODY

And then, as if we'd not watched enough telly, it was time for TOWIE, where as ever, the brightest of our country's minds were on display.

And we know it wasn't from this Sunday's episode, but we're still obsessed with ALL THE STARING that goes on. And it happens every episode, so that's fine.

Monday is Made in Chelsea

...but sadly not loads happened. Binky wasn't sure she had a date. Until it was veeeeeeeery clearly spelled out for her

Meanwhile, there were rumours that Alik Alfus had cheated on Louise Thompson, which we can't believe cos look at THIS, from when they were in New York...

Alik denied it, but maybe he was starting to find videos like THIS a bit annoying...

Personally, we think we'd be better on Made In Chelsea than the lot of them...

Fat Daddy Love on a Wednesday

So, Phillipe is our new favourite person on The Apprentice

And we enjoyed this a lot... But can't help but feel we now know too much about Nick Hewer...

And from one Essex geezer to absolutely LOADS more, as we flicked over to TOWIE. Everyone was splitting up, everyone was having a hard time... and some were coping with the tough stuff better than others.

Then last night there wasn't much on telly, so we went out and got drunk.

For the week going forward though, we just cannot wait to see Stevi Ritchie's performance now we've seen this... (straight-mouthed emoji)

Thanks for coming and joining us for our week in vines...

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