Suranne Jones on Doctor Foster: “I hope we didn’t cause any divorces”

Doctor Foster was the surprise TV hit of the year

Doctor Foster

by Anna Lewis |
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We knew Doctor Foster was a cracking show, but we didn’t expect it to take off quite like it did.

But why did the BBC One series become such a massive hit? Well star of the show, Suranne Jones, thinks she knows.


"On this production, we hoped that people will be sitting next to their partners on the sofa and that it will be slightly uncomfortable viewing - because it's about checking phones and basic trust," she said.

She’s also worried the show may have caused a few break-ups.

"It's interesting because I think everyone feels that suspicion sometimes when their partner's phone goes off unexpectedly. I hope we didn't cause any divorces!"

In case you missed it, Doctor Foster followed Suranne's character Gemma Foster as she uncovered her husband's affair with a younger mistress, and plotted her revenge.


The actress spoke about her personal feelings about infidelity.

"What you see Gemma doing – checking emails and statements, going into accounts – are things people think they'd never do," she said.

"But once you've got that feeling, you can't help yourself.

"I remember one friend telling me she was doing these things, and I was gobsmacked. I heard about someone else who got a private investigator to follow their partner. If you're doing that, you shouldn't be with that partner – it's as simple as that."

Doctor Foster attracted a consolidated average of 8.2m viewers, making it the highest-rated new TV drama of the year so far. So no wonder it’s getting another series.

The second series will "look into what happens to a woman after divorce, deceit and revenge has taken its toll".


Doctor Foster is out now on DVD and available to download from BBC Store.

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