How to take a good selfie in difficult circumstances

Be a selfie boss, come rain or shine

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If you’ve not been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you’ll know that the latest season of Britain’s Next Top Model has been airing on Lifetime every Thursday at 9pm. As well as providing us with some juicy OMG-moments, the show has also been serving up some mega lols.

In fact, this week’s episode, which sees the models tasked with completing a tricky photoshoot on a trampoline, is set to be rather hilarious indeed.

And as you can imagine, all of this photoshoot-talk got us thinking about how we can up our own selfie game. Obvs, Heat’s Style Editor Laura Puddy came through with her top tips on how to bag a bangin’ selfie, come rain or shine! Watch out, Kim K…

How to be a selfie boss

**Invest in a selfie stick


The perfect selfie is quite an art. Photos taken from above are always more flattering (you know it’s all about angles!) so a selfie stick is perfect for this. You can gain height and pick the angle that works best. Plus, they’re great for group selfies.

**Get your lighting right


Counteract bad lighting with the use of a light-up case, I swear by the Lumee case – the lighting is oh-so-flattering (like a ring flash used on photoshoots) and your skin looks flawless! Plus, the Kardashians use them so they must be good!

If you’re doing a selfie in sunlight it can feel rather harsh on your skin so make sure the sun is behind you and cover the sun with your head – this will give a back-lit effect creating a glow around you (almost like a halo effect).

Or, if you really can’t escape crap lighting, try taking your selfie in black and white, as this filter will disguise the effects of bad lighting.

**Don’t dismiss drunk selfies


Drunk selfies are usually the funniest ones to look back on. A slightly blurry pic will undoubtedly be the result, but just pout or make a funny face to disguise how inebriated you actually are…

**Sculpt your face


Highlighter is the perfect way to create a glow. Apply to your cheekbones, along the middle of your nose and on your cupid’s bow - this will help to streamline your face. Then tilt your head – show off that glow and snap away!

**Embrace your body


Naked selfies are all about the angle and decent lighting, take your cue from Kimmy K and go down the mirror selfie route for this one. Or, get creative with props!

**Find your angle


Sometimes it’s better to angle your face rather than your phone as depending on where you are, the light will hit your face in different places so keep your chin down and make sure you’re showing off your best side.

Plus, remember that you can use a self-timer to perfect your selfie – it allows you a few seconds to perfect your pose just before you take the pic.

**Get creative with props


Feeling creative? Use a classic photoshoot technique and get a bit of wind flowing in your hair with the use of a fan or hairdryer - your selfie will look really profesh!

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