One of your fave ’90s af toys is coming back


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The '90s was just peak everything, was it not? Collecting those pink Pepsi ring pulls for a 'free' Spice Girls CD, playing Pokémon cards like a million quid was resting on it, the hardest thing in life being getting the Steps Tragedy routine right down the school disco. A simplier time.

So obviously we're absolutely buzzing that one of our fave toys from the ear's making a comeback. Not the Furby (they're already all digital), not Baby Born (think they're still a thing, too); but the TAMAGOTCHI aka the best thing to come out of Japan potentially ever.

Yup - the original digital pet's officially relaunching with six new versions and we feel about ten again. WHO NEEDS AN IPHONE?


Banzai's funny little egg-shaped toy thingy - which is essentially as close to raising a pet as we're capable of at this point in life - dominated toy stores in the late '90s and is set to do the same as it relaunches. The bad news? It's only available from Amazon Japan for 2000 yen. That's about 14 quid.

Oh, and 'cause we know you're all wondering, the name comes from the Japanese words for 'egg' (tamago) and 'watch'. One for the next pub quiz.


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