Tom Hanks confirms Toy Story 4 will be out in 2018!

Tom/Woody broke the exciting news on The Graham Norton Show

Tom Hanks

by Anna Lewis |
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Excited faces at the ready, because we’ve got some brilliant news for you.

Toy Story 4 is 100 per cent happening! How do we know this? Well we heard it from the horse/cowboy’s mouth, that’s how!

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    Tom Hanks, who plays Woody in the Pixar franchise, was speaking to Graham Norton on the, erm, Graham Norton Show, when he broke the exciting news.

    "We're now recording Toy Story 4, so we're doing that and it'll be out in 2018.

    “It takes a long time. We're working on it right now. I have a recording session on 2 December.”


    Despite having years of experience playing lovely Woody, Tom has admitted he still finds the task physically strenuous.

    He explained: "It's very hard work animating these films. Honestly, it is because the recording sessions go on for four or five hours, and my diaphragm gets a work out.

    "I'm driving home and I literally have to put an ice pack on my chest because it's clenched throughout."

    Poor love.

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