12 Amazing things to do across the UK this April

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The clocks have gone forward, summer’s closer than ever and Game of Thrones is back on our TV screens. April isn’t a bad old month, but we’re here to make it even better. We've rounded up 12 unmissable things to get up to, and in the words of Aerosmith - you won’t want to miss a thing. From hopping on a cute boat cruise for cocktails to attending a pop-up cinema with bottomless bubbles and popcorn, here’s everything you need to scribble down.


10 Amazing things to do across the UK this April - heatworld

things to do in london
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It's the end of the working week, you've shut down your laptop and you have that Friday feeling buzz - don't dare ruin it by going home. Continue your good spirits and hop aboard Alfred Le Roy. This cute canal cruise will take you on a scenic, two-hour journey every single Friday throughout April, all for a pocket-friendly £10. Serving beer, wine and cocktails, this weekend experience is sure to float your boat.

things to do afternoon tea
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Seeing as we've bigged up London so much in this round-up it would be a right shame to stop now. Recently voted the best city in the world, London is the main inspiration for this afternoon tea, that's worth raising a pinky for. Presented on a London Eye-inspired tea stand, the experience is a delightful mix of mini pies, dainty sandwiches and creative sweet treats that mimic everything from The Gherkin to red telephone boxes.

things to do april
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The circus is rolling into town folks, okay, well... kind of. There's a pop-up cinema coming to Liverpool this April and it's going to be screening The Greatest Showman in an immersive environment. That's not all though; this spectacle promises bottomless popcorn in lots of different flavours and unlimited beer, wine and spirits throughout the movie. The film encourages you to dress up for the occasion and to sing along, so you'd be a right clown to miss it.

game of thrones rave uk
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Not that you need reminding but Game of Thrones is returning to our TVs this April and we couldn't be any more excited. Will the Night King rule all or will Daenerys and John (who's name is actually Aegon) fall madly in love? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, but for now you can get your GOT fix with Rave of Thrones. This immersive experience will have some savage performances and a DJ set from Hodor. Yup, actual Hodor.

things to do london
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Speaking of The Gherkin, did you know that there's a bar at the very top of it? Boasting 360 degree views of the city, this dome-shaped beauty really is a must visit, but you'll get a few perks if you book a table for IRIS through DesignMyNight this April. Not only will get you exclusive access to the bar on weekends (which literally never happens), but you can order from a secret spritz menu that flaunts £8 cocktails.

things to do restaurants
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From the plant-based to the ones that come sandwiched together with a set of glazed doughnuts, burgers in the UK are constantly being reinvented, and if you're happy to be part of the craze, get yourself down to Yard & Coop. Flying into Leeds like a bat out of hell, the restaurant will get you stuck into loaded fries, bao buns and their Massive Cock. Don't go getting any ideas; this is their signature burger and it's been a huge hit in their current nests in Manchester and Liverpool.

bouldering london
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CREDIT: The Climbing Hangar

After a fun activity that will also help you build rock hard abs? Bouldering will be your new BFF. The Climbing Hangar has indoor bouldering walls all over the UK, where you can climb in a safe but fun environment. It's open to everyone from beginners through to climbing experts, and you can go alone or with your pals. So, what are you waiting for? Get climbing!

pizza things to do
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The most important meal of the day is said to be breakfast, but we say different. Flight Club in Manchester host one of the best brunches around but they're shaking things up this April with a one-off special called the Wild Brunch Social. You'll be scoffing the usual offering of bottomless pizza and washing it down with your own bottle of bubbly, but this time around you'll have the chance to win some amazing prizes in a round of Snakes and Ladders, and you'll get a welcome jungle juice cocktail upon arrival.

things to do april 2019
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London's home to many great things, and this month it's home to an underground cocktail festival. Taking place on 4th, 5th and 6th April, the event gives ticket holders access to limited serves from 25 of London's leading cocktail bars, interactive masterclasses and the chance to uncover lots of secret drinking dens. With a time-travelling bunker from Cahoots to a secret garden (where you can pick your own cocktail ingredients), if you're gonna do one thing this month, let it be Cocktails in the City.

things to do in london
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There's lots of exciting things to do in London this month, but if you've got a penchant for plants and boozy concoctions, you should visit Bourne and Hollingsworth's Garden Room. This pretty rooftop restaurant opened late last year but it's already after giving itself a revamp, turning it into London's first ever living bar. Greenery sprouts from all corners and you can even pick your own bespoke garnishes from its display. Between that and the stunning views of the skyline, you'll never want to leaf.

things to do april 2019
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We never thought the day would come, but spring is officially here. And we've got the perfect way to shake off your remaining winter blues. There's a picnic gin cruise happening in Birmingham and it'll take you on a two-hour trip along the canal. So what are you waiting for? Whip out your sunnies, buy a ticket and hop aboard this cute boat for five picnic-inspired gin serves and a dainty selection of nibbles.

things to do london
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Always dreamed of going to a plant-based party? Well now's your chance! BOSH! x Vegan Nights are hosting a brilliant evening where duo Henry and Ian will be DJing AND hosting cooking demos of delicious recipes from their vegan book.

For more information on what’s on in London and across the UK, visit DesignMyNight.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram; @DesignMyNight.

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